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I work in Guatemala with Hope Haven international and Bethel Ministries. Along with my friends Chris and Donna Mooney and their family, we share the love of Jesus in various ways. Although giving out and maintaining wheelchairs is our primary ministry, we are involved in many other things as well. Building houses, feeding the hungry, providing education to handicapped children in orphanages and villages, and hosting a camp for the handicapped are just a small part of the things that God has given us the privilege of getting involved in. For several years now I have been keeping daily journals. Once a week I try to post new journals and pictures. My e-mail is dick@dickrutgers.com Guatemala Cell Phone # 502 5379 9451 USA Phone # 360 312 7720(Relays free to Guatemala)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Journal, May 4, 2010

May 26 update (I am back at home here in Guatemala and I plan on posting new Journal entries within a few days.)
May 4, 2010

Tomorrow I plan on heading back to the States for a 3 week visit. I am uncertain as to weather or not I will be doing any journaling while I am in the States.

You would think that since it has been over 3 years since I last visited the States that I would be excited about going back but leaving Guatemala, even if it is for only a few weeks, is difficult for me. Granted it will be nice to see friends and relatives that I have not seen in years but to say that it will be easy to leave those that I have come to know and love here in Guatemala would be a lie. I can not help but wonder where the kids that frequent my house will hang out while I am gone. I also wonder if the children in the orphanage like Luis or Alex will have some one to hold them while I am gone or if Alex or some of the others will even be alive when I return. I know that these kids are in God's hands but I will miss not being able to be an extension of those hands.

Yours in Christ: Dick


Blogger Brianna said...

Dick! While you are in the states you should come and visit Omaha! :)

Saturday, May 08, 2010  

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