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I work in Guatemala with Hope Haven international and Bethel Ministries. Along with my friends Chris and Donna Mooney and their family, we share the love of Jesus in various ways. Although giving out and maintaining wheelchairs is our primary ministry, we are involved in many other things as well. Building houses, feeding the hungry, providing education to handicapped children in orphanages and villages, and hosting a camp for the handicapped are just a small part of the things that God has given us the privilege of getting involved in. For several years now I have been keeping daily journals. Once a week I try to post new journals and pictures. My e-mail is dick@dickrutgers.com Guatemala Cell Phone # 502 5379 9451 USA Phone # 360 312 7720(Relays free to Guatemala)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Journal, Saturday, June 5, 2010

It has been almost a year since I caught Calin stealing money out of my wallet. He was band from my house for nearly 6 months and once I did allow him back in he was made aware that I was keeping a close eye on him. Even though he has many qualities that I deeply admire I have learned over the years that he can not be trusted when it came to stealing. Calin is one of the most compassionate people that I have ever met. He some times come on a bit loud and obnoxious but underneath that rough exterior he is a pussy cat. If you could observe him when he is with the kids at the orphanage or the people that we visit in the villages you would marvel at the love and compassion he has for them. He truly enjoys coming along with me and helping out in any way that he can. On more than one occasion I have overheard some one ask him what he wants to do when he gets older and his immediate reply has been "Like Dick." I guess that is why I found it so hard to once again tell him that he is no longer welcome in my house.

This morning I let my guard down a bit by allowing him to remain in the house by himself while I went out to my bathroom, which is in a separate building than my house, to take a shower. When I got into the shower I realized that there was no one else in the house but Calin so I cut my shower short and quickly returned to the house. In the short time that I was gone Calin had managed to find 2 keys that I had hidden in different places and had not only gotten into a locked cupboard but had also turned off the alarm and gotten into a locked strong box. He was in the process of locking things back up and was standing there with over $200 in his hand.

I will not go into great length as to the conversation that I had with Calin and later with his step dad other than to say Calin's step dad and I were on the same page as to what should be done. Were the police in this town to be respected or trusted they would have been notified. They are not so they were not. Calin is no longer allowed on my property or in my house. Both step dad and I agreed that for at least one year I will not sponsor Calin's schooling. I was assured by his step dad that he and Calin's mother will keep Calin in school even though it will be a big finical burden for them.

For the first time in his life Calin actually shows some remorse. Only time will tell weather that remorse is because he stole from me or because he was caught and is being punished. I am not ostracizing him. He will be allowed to come along to Church if he so desires but if I take the kids out to eat afterwords he will be brought home first. I told him that he can call me on the phone when ever he wants and I will make sure that we stay in close contact with him. Even though Calin will no longer be in my home he will always have a place in my hart. This has been an exceptionally rough day for me.

"When your children are little, they step on your toes....
When they grow up, they step on your heart."

Yours in Christ: Dick


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